Shoulder and Neck Pain, Numbness and Weakness of Fingers and Hands

I visited AAMC Centre hoping for an alternative way to help alleviate the shoulder pain I’ve been living with for the past two years.  The pain was becoming worse, which began to interfere with my quality of life.  I also had noticed recent numbness and weakness of my fingers and hands.


I had never experienced acupuncture before, and wasn’t certain how it would feel.  It wasn’t at all unpleasant or painful and Dr. Huang took time to listen to all my concerns.  He ensured during each treatment that I was feeling well and comfortable.  He also took the time to treat my entire body, rather than focusing only on my shoulder pain symptoms.


With the combination or acupuncture, Chinese herb pills and a very soothing and relieving herbal analgesic spray, I’ve noticed such a positive effect.  I have more energy, developed a sense of well-being, my fingers have gained strength back and my shoulder has been reduced from a constant intensely painful area to the feeling of simply a tight muscle.  It will take a little more time for my shoulder to heal completely.


Dr. Huang is a very professional health care practitioner, who really seems to genuinely care about his patients.  My experience with him has been very positive.  I would highly recommend seeking his care.


Karen Eastveld

Headache, Shoulder and Ankle Pain

Dr. Huang has successfully treated me with acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicine for painful tendonitis and osteoarthritis. Prior to that, I was becoming more and more discouraged with our mainstream Western treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers, which brought only temporary relief with negative side effects. Acupuncture has been much more effective with no side effects. Dr. Huang treats his patients with kindness and respect, and I would not hesitate to rely on his knowledge and wisdom for any health concern. I call Dr. Huang the “Miracle Man”.

Headache, Shoulder and Ankle Pain

Dr. Huang has successfully treated me with acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicine for painful tendonitis and osteoarthritis. Prior to that, I was becoming more and more discouraged with our mainstream Western treatment of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers, which brought only temporary relief with negative side effects. Acupuncture has been much more effective with no side effects. Dr. Huang treats his patients with kindness and respect, and I would not hesitate to rely on his knowledge and wisdom for any health concern. I call Dr. Huang the “Miracle Man”.


From Karen C.

Shoulder and Back Pain over 30 years

I am 54 years old and had been suffering from chronic back pain since high school.  I had consulted a number of medical professionals over the past 30 years including general practitioners, back specialists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists. They were able to provide only temporary relief at best of times. Throughout that time, I tried to stay physically active in an effort to mange the pain, however was never able to rid myself of the pain. At the worst of times, the pain was totally incapacitating, forcing me to miss work completely. Finally, I was forced to stop my exercise routines due to the excessive pain.


I was referred to Dr. Guojian Huang in Jan 2005 and within 2 months of beginning treatment I experienced a significant change – little to no back pain and a much better quality of life overall. In addition, I now sleep much more soundly than I ever have, allowing me to wake up more refreshed.


I  highly recommend Dr. Huang and his practice in traditional Chinese medicine to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain symptoms.


Mr. Rochon


Online Business Systems

Lower Back Pain over 6 years

I have suffered from lower back pain for the last 6 years; I was on morphine and anti-depressants as well as anti-inflammatory & additional pain killers. I decided to come off my medicine and seek alternative treatment. I came to Winnipeg to see Dr Huang 6 days ago, after 5 times treatment I am “pain free”, no drugs!! A combination of  acupuncture, herbs, TDP, massage, and a procedure to remove stocked blood putting pressure on my lower back – done by Dr Huang were the ingredients needed for a miracle. Thank you is just not enough to say.


We need more people like Dr Huang to help chronic pain sufferers!


Mrs. Bresett


Aug 12, 2005 Winnipeg

Lower back and buttock pain over 20 years

I have suffered back pain from time to time for the past 20 years. Recently I suffered such severe back pain, I couldn’t stand upright.  That’s when I called the An-kang Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre, and Dr Guojian Huang arranged to see me that day.  Dr Huang recommended acupuncture, along with cupping, Chinese massage, Chinese medicine and herbal tea; to relieve the pain, reduce inflammation, and heal my back muscles to prevent future occurrences.  The acupuncture, cupping and massage didn’t hurt at all.  The worse part of the treatment was drinking the herbal tea. (It tastes terrible!)  After the first treatment I left the office walking normally. Following a week of treatments the pain was gone completely.  I recommend acupuncture to anyone who experiences pain in any manner.  Thank you Dr. Guojian Huang for making me well.


Emma G.


July 30, 2005

One year tennis elbow

Over the last several years, I have experienced sports injuries that have let me to seek out the services of North American physicians, physiotherapists and massage therapists. Over the last year, I developed tendonitis in my elbow which I sought help from the various professionals. This problem did not go away and as a result, I engaged the services of Dr Huang. Within a short period of time of acupuncture and herbal treatment, the pain in the joint disappeared. The pain in my elbow has not been eliminated, but progress in being made. I feel that Dr Huang’s traditional Chinese medicine approach has merit and compliments North American medicine.


Mr. Jack

Eleven years lupus with arthritis

In 1990 I was diagnosed with lupus. I have tried numerous ways and have trying to heal myself. I found that my taking pharmaceutical pills were making me feel worse. Instead of making my condition better, my lupus was getting worse. My symptoms were becoming overwhelming and my rheumatologist was not listening to my concerns. I began to change my diet and started taking vitamins on a regular basis. The change in diet helped but it was not enough, my energy level was still very low and my symptoms were not going away.


I began seeing Dr Huang in May of 3001 within a few weeks I was seeing tremendous results. Dr Huang used Chinese herbs that are all natural to help my lupus symptoms, I was to cook these herbs and drink as a tea, although the tea was very bitter to drink, I could feel positive results, my muscle stiffness began to go away, and my energy level became to rise, very rarely my rheumatoid arthritis clears up, and my psoriasis was even getting better. Dr Huang even gives me Chinese herbs for my yeast and discharge problems that is really helping


Within four months I am feeling 75% better and I know with a little more time I will soon be feeling 100% better


Mrs. Susanne

Seven years lower back, buttock and leg pain

I began seeing Dr Huang at the Ankang alternative medical centre in July of 2001. I have been suffering from chronic lower back, hip and leg pain for over 7 years. I have been receiving 2-3 treatments of acupuncture and a combination of Chinese herb each week. I have experienced great relief from my pain and feel that I am getting stronger each week. I have been able to sit comfortably and play with my child that was almost impossible a few months ago. I am 30 years old and physically active individual. These treatments have worked for me and I feel comfortable to continue this care until Dr huang feel that I have healed as much as possible.


Mrs. Teresa

Five years Crohn's disease

I have been living with Crohn’s disease for about six years. My disease was manageable for a few years with medications, mainly Pentosa. I was able to live with the Crohn’s but generally very weak, painful and tired all the time. My appetite was poor and I was never able to gain beak the weight I had lost over the years. After reading about other people’s stories about herbal therapy I decided to try traditional Chinese medicine in the AAMC. After a few months of taking herbal tea prescribed by Dr Huang, my appetite was coming back and my pain was much more manageable. I believe that this herbal treatment is very effective to boost my energy back that I used to have and I am starting to gain a bit of weight. This treatment has helped me very much.


Mr. Mitch.

Thirteen years upper back pain

My son Richard has been suffering tight shoulder muscle, chronic back pain for 13 years. During this period he has tried massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors to control his pain, all just have had temporally effect. Since having acupuncture from May 28/2005 at AAMC, Richard has had relief from upper and lower back pain, and has improved his competitive swim time considerably-up to 10 seconds in his long distance races (200 meter) as his range of motion has increased


Mrs. Murran

40 years migraine and headache

I began seeing Dr Huang because of recurring migraine and stress headaches for 40 years. Although I have always been uncomfortable with needles, and often very squeamish, I felt I had to try something. The acupuncture needles go in with a small prick and then all awareness of them generally disappears. My treatment have been very helpful. Although it is not a miracle, and I still go for treatment, I have to say my condition is very much improved. My headaches come less often and are far less severe. I am glad that I overcame my reluctance to endure needles because the benefits far outweigh the discomfort. I would recommend trying the treatments by Dr Huang even if needles are not your thing!


D Gueret


April 2006

Body Pain, Skin Ailment, Stress, Heart Condition, Parkinson Disease

To whom it may concern:


I want to thank doctor Huang for the treatments I have received through acupuncture and herbs that have been most successful in treating my body pain, skin ailment and my energy levels and stress.


I am most grateful to him and his expertise in helping also my mother who has a heart condition, and mild form of Parkinson disease.


she has improved significantly through acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies that doctor Huang has treatment her with.


I have recommended doctor Huang’s treatments and Chinese medicine to several other colleagues and friends who have been helped greatly and continue to receive his treatment s on an on-going basis.





Right Knee Pain

Dr Guojian Huang been treating my knee for pain, and the treatment has helped the pain go away!




Dear Dr Huang,
Here comes a HUGE THANK YOU
from all of us….
Thanks for all your help, support and hope…
We feel so blessed and grateful for this “little” but huge miracle, we enjoy every moment with Kilian and think back when it was so difficult to be possible.
Thank you so much for everything you did for us….
We will keep in touch….
Kilian , Irina and Mark


Thank you so much
Dr Huang for helping us!
Thanks to you we finally got our dream of a baby.
When I had no more hope left and I gave up, you were there!
You always encouraged me to never give up.
you are not just a doctor to us, you are a very kind, gentle and lovely man.
Thank you for who you are, and what you do.
We can never thank you enough.
God bless you.
Love/from: Pam Francis and baby Owen.


Thank you Dr Huang, for all your help!


3 Months Constant Migraine Headache!
When the migraine headache first started I didn't even consider 
acupuncture as an option as I did not believe that it could work. Now, 
after just a few sessions with Dr Huang the migraine headache that I 
have had for over 3 months has gotten better to the point that I can 
properly function and enjoy a day. The treatment is painless and not by 
any means unpleasant. Dr. Huang is one who cares about his patients and 
ensures that you are comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.
Kevin Rhymer
Menopause Syndrome-Hot flash with sweating
I had to go off estrogen for medical
reasons and
was suffering from hot flashes and night sweats as a result.  I tried
acupuncture in an attempt to get relief and after only two sessions
noticed a
remarkable improvement.  After a few more sessions, I was free of the
symptoms and found the treatments to be the most relaxing part of my



Chronic Pelvic Inflammation

I came to Dr. Huang in March after suffering from severe pelvic pain since November. I went to my family doctor complaining of a possible bladder infection, yeast infection and burning. She sent me home. The pain got worse, and I left work one day when I felt like someone was continuously stabbing me in the stomach. I went to emergency . After waiting for 5 hours they told me it was inappropriate for me to be there, they did get me an appointment with a gynaecologist. She said I possibly had pelvic inflammatory infection and put me on massive dosages of antibiotics. After that I had pelvic pain, urinary pain and now digestive problems. I couldn’t eat anything, and when I did eat I had severe pain. My friend told me how Dr. Huang worked miracles for her, and sceptically I went to him After 10 treatments of acupuncture, herbs, a horrible tea, ( not bad if you put honey in it), and one day this week the pain has miraculously disappeared. No burning, no itching, no cramps, no pelvic pain. No urinary pain. I am so hungry right now I am eating everything…. I haven’t had an appetite in 4 months. I am so grateful for Dr. Huang. He also listens, is friendly and most of all he makes me laugh. I feel alive again. Thank you so much!!! Cheryl Kives

Severe Heart Palpitations and Racing Heart Beats

February 2007 I started experiencing severe heart palpitations and racing heart beats. The palpation attacks began occurring up to five times an hour for several hours. These would cause my heart to increase beats as though I was running up stairs. The rapid beat would be unstoppable for up to fourteen hours straight leaving me physically exhausted. Needless to say the attacks were terrifying, unpredictable and the cause unknown. I was hospitalized several times in the emergency to try and determine the reasons for the attacks. They were able to rule out heart attacks. I began a long journey into the medical system in order to try and discover what medical problems could be causing these arrhythmias. To do so I was given 5 EKG’s; one treadmill stress test, two 24 hour holter monitors, a seven day events monitor and an electrocardiogram. For these tests to be accomplished took over a year due to various waiting times. Meanwhile I was no closer to either discovering the causes nor given any treatment to prevent the daily arrhythmia from occurring. Mentally I was becoming terrified of the attacks, missing entire nights of sleep, was losing weight from my appetite being interrupted and unable to focus at my employment. I was also spending considerable time at these appointments, physician follow-up meetings and emergency hospitalization. At one point I was given Beta Blockers to help control the rapid heartbeats. Propranol blocks the action of the sympathetic nervous system, a portion of the involuntary nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the pace of the heart beat. By blocking the action of these nerves, propranol reduces the heart rate and is useful in treating abnormally rapid heart rhythms. Propranol also reduces the force of heart muscle contraction and lowers blood pressure. By reducing the heart rate and the force of muscle contraction, propranol reduces heart muscle oxygen demand. While this controlled a racing heart beat it had side effects that made any physical excretion impossible. Because it prohibits the heart from beating fast or hard to pump more blood, even a brisk walk made me winded. It also creates very disturbing dreams. After a year I was no further along medically to preventing the arrhythmias nor the testing to revealing the causes. Dr Huang then intervened with his own assessment of my condition. He began to treat with acupuncture specifically for my heart condition twice a week. He also had me take three times a day Chinese herbs that targeted my heart and overall blood circulation. One of the Chinese herb recipes was developed five hundred years ago. Of his greatest aid in my treatments was his confidence that I would get well. And indeed I did. Within three months of his total treatment regime I was off the beta blocker, there were no further moments of a racing heart and all palpitations ceased. I have been symptom free since and have remained this way. To this day all the medical tests and medical doctors have not been able to provide a reason for my year of arrhythmias. Dr Huang’s treatment was painless, timely, side effect free and effective. He accomplished what no one else could. In my eyes it saved my life because I had no control over what was happening. My days were mixed with sudden hospital emergencies, insomnia, fear and instability to focus in my career. I was unable to exercise, travel, enjoy a meal or a full nights sleep. Physically I was a fit, thirty-nine year old involved in daily exercise. Dr. Huang’s extensive Chinese training in medicine and acupuncture speaks for itself. kevin


I began visiting Dr. Huang in January, 2009 to treatment my recurring stomach pain due to Endometriosis. For 2 weeks straight before I came to see him, I had intense stomach cramping and shooting pains in my pelvic area. There wasn’t a day that went by that I did not take pain medication to just get through my day. Although I have been seeing a massage therapist regularly for the past 10 years, her services no longer helped me manage my endometriosis. I am happy to say that acupuncture and the herbs I was given, have made every day for the past 4 months pain free….not one little twinge of pain and thankfully, no pain medication. I am very grateful to have a treatment plan that helps me to maintain my health and allows me to live again without pain. I am a true believer that we need to try new things to help manage chronic conditions. For me, Dr. Huang has been a wonderful doctor. Thank you, Laureen